Pay Gas Fees In Tokens

MetaTransact is a decentralised platform enabling anyone to send Ethereum tokens by paying transaction fee in tokens instead of Ether.

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MetaTransact Features

Gas fee in Tokens

Removes the need for holding multiple tokens to complete a transaction

Secure Transactions

MetaTransact protocol is decentralised and secure

Backward Compatibility

No changes required to existing ERC20 or dApp smart contracts

Parent-Child Accounts

Secure and Innovative way to manage and access your crypto funds

User Friendly

MetaTransact is built to simplify Blockchain transactions for users

Developer Friendly

Adding MetaTransact to dApps requires minimal setup during setup

Why MetaTransact ?

MetaTransact solves the transaction fee issue by allowing users to pay a wide variety of tokens as a transaction fee. This adds significant value on how transactions have been done on the blockchain. MetaTransact is a decentralised protocol with a relayer that deploys user transaction on blockchain. MetaTransact relayer acts as a secondary miner which pays gas fee on user’s behalf and accepts tokens as incentive.

Steps to Use MetaTransact:
  • Approve ERC20 {One Time Process}
  • Sign Transaction
  • Send Transaction to Relayer
  • Relayer Deplo'y Txn to Blockchain
Sign Txn
Send Txn
Token Sent

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MetaTransact decentralised?

Yes, MetaTransact is a decentralised solution. Users remain in complete control of their funds and keys.

Do I need Ether to send ERC20?

You do not need Ether to send tokens. The transaction fees is paid in tokens and MetaTransact relayers accept tokens as fee.

Do I need to send my tokens to another contract?

No, You do not need to deposit tokens in any smart contract. MetaTransact is a protocol designed for simplicity and allows you to send tokens directly from your address .

What are MetaTransact Relayers?

MetaTransact relayers work like secondary miners who spend Ether and earn tokens; just like primary miners who spend electricity and earn Ether.